How have I got on, week ending 2nd April

I’ve hit my word count for the week! 1872 words typed up today. I dictated them early in the week, again on a car journey. What I’ve written is not perfect, but having a deadline to write this is making me get words down quicker. They don’t have to be perfect! This is a first draft. But it still took me 90 minutes to compile all the dictated pieces together. That’s good for me, but that’s a long time to copy and paste. But copy and paste isn’t really what I’m doing. A lot of resources say don’t edit in your first draft, but I can’t help it. For me it needs to be at a reasonable level of quality. And even that is iffy and I wouldn’t want someone else to read it. But it gives me that belief that there’s something in there that could be good.

The story marches onwards. Jack’s journey is progressing, although things are getting difficult for him at the moment.

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