How have I got on – week ending 11th June

I have got more done this week. Again, I find that I get my most creative work done whilst dictating in the car. It’s the lack of distraction. I can use a mic and dictaphone (this is hands free, very good quality, cut’s out most extraneous sound and I can hit record before I start and not touch it whilst driving) and there is nothing that can distract me. I’m driving and dictating a story. Obviously, I can’t be looking at any notes, but that can be a bonus. Different ideas come to me, and I can then incorporate them when I join all the pieces together. That often takes me longer than the original dictation. I use an iPad pro for this. It has some useful features such as allowing me to have 2 documents next to each other. They can be a little small, but I can have a final file and a working file which I can copy and paste to the other.

This week I have finished the first draft of one chapter. Currently, it’s probably too long at about 2800 words, but I can work on that when I revise it. Jack and his companions have met Kamran and Casabian, Jack’s nemesis. The Professor is going to take them on a journey through the Rainbow Gate. Kamran wants it, as does the Crown Prince. Will it turn out as they all wish?

As well as this, I have been doing some quick writing with my 10-year-old today. He is autistic, and we came up with a couple of wacky stories about a Kiwi that he had been giving a face and arms and legs to. He insisted that I put them on the blog, so here they are: https://ianarose.co.uk/mr-kiwi-man/ and https://ianarose.co.uk/mr-kiwi-man-and-the-great-sponge-tower/

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