Mr Kiwi man and the great sponge tower.

Yes, really, Mr Kiwi man and the great sponge tower, is what I’ve been told is the title of the next story.

In the kaleidoscopic dreams of Ashton, Mr Kiwi man, after his escape, found a great sponge lighthouse tower. Yes, really! A great sponge lighthouse tower.

He found that lighthouse tower by the edge of a garden pond. A child had made it out of a sponge. Well, I say sponge, actually, it was made of lots of sponges. The child had stuck them together with some really light bonding glue, not superglue, because that would have probably destroyed the sponge, but some other type. The sponge tower now rose high above the garden pond. Every so often the fish would look up, and think, what on earth is that?

And they were absolutely flabbergasted when a guinea pig turned up with a Kiwi man riding on its back!

Mr Kiwi man, being a bit nervous of his guinea pig, who hadn’t had any food for the last half an hour, and we all know what guinea pigs are like when they haven’t had food, leapt off her back and jumped to the tower. He climbed right to the top. Now, it was a bit wobbly at the top. Mr Kiwi man stood there and wobbled.

Oh, he thought, this doesn’t feel good. And then, the guinea pig, tried to join him.

“No!” shouted out Mr Kiwi man. “Please, no.”

But it was too late. The guinea pig was halfway up the tower. Now, do you think that a sponge tower, can take the weight of a guinea pig, and a Kiwi on the top?

 No, I don’t either. And this one definitely couldn’t. The tower wobbled. Mr Kiwi man hung on. He jabbed his cocktail stick arms and legs into the sponge. The tower wobbled some more. Mr Kiwi man clung on tighter. The guinea pig climbed higher.

“No,” shouted out Mr Kiwi man again.

And the tower began to fall, gradually and with no great speed. It probably would have been fine for Mr Kiwi man and the guinea pig. Unfortunately for them, it fell towards the pond. And in that pond were some very big fish. These fish happened to quite like the taste of kiwi. Don’t ask me how. Who on earth would feed a fish kiwi?

Slowly, the tower toppled over. Splash!

Mr Kiwi man and the guinea pig landed in the pond. The fish shot to the surface. Mr Kiwi man squealed. The guinea pig squeaked! She started paddling rapidly to the shore. Mr Kiwi man grabbed onto her back leg. She tried to kick him off, but she couldn’t. Together, they struggled to the edge as the fish chased them across the pond.

Unfortunately, there was no easy way out of the pond. The guinea pig scrambled to the side, but couldn’t get out. But Mr Kiwi man was smart. As the guinea pig was struggling to get out, Mr Kiwi man jumped on her back, and learn leapt out of the pond.

“Help!” squealed the guinea pig.

“What, and let you eat me,” said Mr Kiwi man.

“No!” squealed the guinea pig. “If you rescue me, I swear I won’t ever try to eat you again.”

Mr Kiwi man thought about it. Could he trust the guinea pig?

The fish was circling closer. The guinea pig was getting nervous. “Please!” She cried out.

“You promise,” said Mr Kiwi man.

“Yes!” squealed the guinea pig.

“Okay,” said Mr Kiwi man. He held out his stick arm. The guinea pig grabbed it. He pulled her out.

“Now,” said Mr Kiwi man. “You promised?”

“Yes,” breathed the guinea pig, her heart beating hard. She’d say anything now. Mr Kiwi man had just saved her life.

The end

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