How have I got on – week ending 9th July

It’s fair to say this week has been a success. I have added 1,828 words to my first draft. That may not sound a lot but it’s the sort of number I’ve been aiming for.

Jack has come out of the Rainbow Gate with Jonathan, The Crown Prince. He’s exhausted and collapses before he finds out what has happened to Jonathan. When he awakens, he finds that Casabian has gone to Temenos, the sacred area of the Demonkin. He aims to take take the rites that are needed for a claim to the Kingship. Jack’s thoughts about The Crown Prince are instantly forgotten. What is going on?

He makes his way to Temenos, staggering, and finds Casabian about to take the rites. He then sees the Crown Prince. He’s recovering! And then Casabian starts the rites.

I’ve managed to keep updating this blog for 3 weeks on the trot now on a Sunday night. This has been my plan from the beginning. I want to keep this going and slowly add in some 2 scene weeks to start to get back some of the time I’ve managed to lose. My intention was to complete my first draft by October, but currently I’m looking at December, just before Christmas. However the position is salvageable. I just need to up my output a little. But before I attempt that, I want to solidify what I’m doing.

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