How have I got on – week ending 2nd July

This week has been a productive week. I’ve completed the chapter I was writing and added 1620 words to the story. Some mornings I’ve been massively excited about what I’ve been doing, others less so, but I am certainly finding that where I am in the story is sparking my creativity. Jack and Julia have been taken on a journey though the wormhole by the Professor to help heal the Crown Prince. At the other end they all see that the Crown Prince is improving, but they don’t realise the affect it’s had on Jack. He’s struggling! And then they discover that Casabian, who was also on their journey, is trying to use it for something else. It’s all getting interesting.

on top of this I also started dictating the next scene. Jack is ill but goes to find out what Casabian is doing. He finds the Crown Prince, almost himself, but he also finds what Casabian is doing. And it’s not good news.

That’s all for now. I’ll finish that chapter in the week and hopefully get more written. Thanks for reading.

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