How have I got on – 20th July

The scene I was attempting to complete on Sunday has taken slightly longer than I’d thought. Life keeps getting in the way!

Casabian, the main antagonist, has got halfway through the rites of kingship. He shouldn’t be there. They are not for him. The rites start to fail as he stumbles. The professor tries to hold them together and the Crown Prince runs out to him. He should be there. It is his duty to take these rites! He catches up Casabian, and then all see the pool of blood oozing from his stomach. Casabian has stabbed him. He staggers back, and Jack starts running out to try and save him!

Will I get the next scene/chapter completed for Sunday? We’ll see. I’m away to watch a football match with my middle son on Saturday, so I may struggle.

Thank you for reading

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