How have I got on – 24th May

This will be a shorter entry. I realise that again I’ve not updated this as often as I set out to. I’ve completed another 1800 words first draft.

On a personal level I’ve been listening to Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed. It was a recommendation in a book about writing. It’s all about how you learn from your failures and very interesting. I’ve just returned from the office in Reading and listened in the car. It’s very interesting. I’d recommend it.

So where has the story got to?

Jack and his companions have met the Professor after they’ve heard him talking with Kamran. Has he betrayed them? Julia isn’t sure and Jack hopes he hasn’t. Then another challenge comes up. All the Demonkin have a symbiant. It helps them focus their psychic abilities. But the Crown Princes is dying. He needs a transfusion of blood, but not just any blood. Jack has a vial from his step-mother. They give some to the Crown Prince. He fits. What have they done? Will he be ok?

The next chapter will see them meeting Kamran, and all of the complications that will bring…

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